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Midbec Ottawa

Similar to the Darmouth scenario, in 2003, we moved into the space vacated by Whirpool in Ottawa, on Catherine Street. Thanks to our ever growing clientele, in 2008, we had to move into a bigger building, this one having 8200 square foot of space. Following the arrival of Jérémie Faucher as director, the response was highly positive. Focused on providing an exceptional customer service experience, M. Faucher made sure he was surrounded by high performance team while proving to everyone that he could go above and beyond in order to offer more than the surrounding competitors . Story repeated itself as we had to move to a bigger space in 2014 to make sure to fill the ever growing demands.

Address :

Ottawa, ON

Phone : 1 (613) 288-7278
Fax : 1 (613) 688-0995

Opening hours :

Monday to Friday : 8h00 to 17h00
Saturday : Closed
Sunday : Closed

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